Friday Night’s Event at State Hospital

January 8, 1914

Sykesville and the surrounding neighborhood is all agog over the entertainment given Friday in the new Amusement Hall at the Springfield State Hospital. Using an old trite phrase, “tickets have sold like hot cakes.” Judging from the carload of scenery that has been shipped from Baltimore, the performance promises to be the most elaborate in years.

The retiring manager, speaking of the show said: “Keeping the troupe harmoniously together is the biggest job in the show, and after that, making them get down to business and learn their lines.”

The program is a good one, way ahead of ordinary amateur performances. The largest audience that ever gathered in Sykesville on any occasion will be present Friday night when the curtain rises. Following is the program:

Overture — Springfield Orchestra

Songs —  “The Glow Worm”; “Peg O’ My Heart”; “Sunshine and Flowers”; “If the Rose Could Tell Its Story”, and “Somebody Loves You.”

Cohen and Levi in New York — Cohen, E.C. Hill; Levi, C.L. Bennett.

Quartet — Messrs. Curley, Poole, Forthman and Waters.

Intermission — Springfield Orchestra

The Last of the Cargills, a dramatic scene of the Sunny South — George Cargil, a Southern gentleman, Herman Hundertmark; Mammy, his trusted servant, Miss Ida Pitts.

Over the Garden Fence, comedy sketch — Charles Bizzibuoy, William Hughes: Harry Burch, Oscar Warfield; Jess, a negro servant, A. H. Gosnell.

Intermission — Springfield Orchestra

Musical Comedy, introducing six young ladies and their escorts in song and dance.

Mr. “Tinny” Hill in “I’m Johnny Jones from Timbuctoo”; Nathan Hobbs as “Mary Ann”, and the entire chorus in the finale.

Executive Staff — Musical directory, Mrs. Manx Curley; operator of lights, Wm. E. Rehling; stage carpenter, A. C. Brown; business manager, C. Lowndes Bennett.

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