Girl Quotes 4 Chapters of Genesis

November 28, 1963

A 16-year-old Hampstead girl who plans to be a missionary nurse, has just finished quoting with word-for-word accuracy four chapters of Genesis, as part of the annual world-wide teenage Bible study program, sponsored by Youth for Christ International.

Jeanne Hampshire, a junior at Carroll County’s North Carroll High School, expects to memorize and quote this year’s entire quizzing text which includes, for the first time this year, some Old Testament material. The text is Genesis, chapters 1 through 9, the books of Jonah, Philemon, and 1 Corinthians. If she is successful, her award will be more than an honor and a handshake. It also means a $300.00 scholarship from Hampstead Youth for Christ — one big step along the way to becoming a missionary nurse.

Through the Hampstead Youth for Christ incentive program which was started in 1955, local teenagers have been encouraged to memorize the Bible and have earned thousands of dollars to put themselves through Bible Schools, colleges and universities.

In her second year of quizzing at Hampstead, Jeanne is President of the North Carroll YFC club, and member of the Teen Tones singing group.

The oldest of four daughters, Jeanne lives on the 40-acre farm of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Hampshire. A veteran of the 4-H work, she holds the 1962 State Canning Championship and also excels in the fields of dressmaking, food, preparation, and baking. In her busy life, Jeanne earns part of her own money back by clerking 12 hours a week in the tow’s only jewelry store. She divides the rest of her free time among the Future Nurses of America, the school chorus, and the Girls’ Athletic Association. She has been a member of two County Championship Hockey teams. She likes to ride, skate, bowl, and in between write poetry and practices piano.

Church is important too! As a member of the St. John’s Methodist Church in Hampstead, she serves as secretary of the youth group, member of the youth choir, and secretary of the Commission on Missions.

There is the same difference between talent and genius that there is between a stone mason and a sculptor. -R.G. Ingersoll.

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