Governor Ignores Sykesville’s Claim

February 19, 1914

No Resident Member of Hospital Board of Managers


Beasman’s Successor from Baltimore


It is a matter of genuine regret that Governor Goldsborough did not see fit to appoint a resident member of the Board of Managers for the Springfield State Hospital in place of former Senator Beasman, whose four-year term expires. There were three available known candidates for the place, either one of whom would have given general satisfaction and given the State good service. These were E. M. Mellor, whose candidacy was mentioned in The Herald last week, and Frank Ely, who was a candidate for the House of Delegates last Fall, and William Harris. Instead of selecting a man of this locality, who would have been available at all times for the hospital officials, as Senator Beasman has been, the Governor selected his man from Baltimore — General Thomas J. Shyrock.

No fault is found with the latter, but it would seem that a resident member would have been preferable. The Governor appointed W. S. Evans, Democrat of Cecil county, so that the Board now stands as follows: Gen. Thomas J. Shyrock, William S. Evans, W. C. Robinson, C. Wilbur Miller and John Hubner.

(See the original for the rest, which does not concern the hospital or the town.)

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