Health Warning for Food, Water

June 29, 1972

Leo V. Cheney, Director of Environmental Health at the Carroll County Health Department has issued the following instructions for all residents in areas effected by the flood: If you are drinking well water and the well head was flooded or the water is cloudy and is a drilled well, dilute 1 pint of ordinary household bleach in four or five gallons of water and pour it directly into the well.

Turn the water on long enough so the bleach solution is pumped into all water lines and then shut the water off and don’t use it for at least 12 hours. Before using water from the treated well, run off waste water until there is no longer a smell of chlorine. Freedom district water has tested out “safe”” according to a report from the Baltimore City Health officials. The water will be cloudy for quite sometime, however, officials said:

If your well is hand dug, use 1 quart of household bleach diluted in 8 to 10 gallons of water. This procedure will cleanse well water assuming it was a good well before the flood. For salvaging home canned or bought canned food that has been in flooded basements:

1. Clean cans thoroughly in warm soapy water.
2. Rinse in clear water.
3. Sanitize by immersing for two minutes in a solution of two tablespoons household bleach diluted in one gallon of water.
4. Dry thoroughly to avoid rusting. If any frozen foods thawed during a power failure, the Health Dept. strongly advises destroying them. Also, all persons involved in cleaning up from flood waters should get a tetanus injection, especially if cut or scratched. Typhoid injections will not be necessary. To date, there have been no reports of illness as a result of the flood.

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