Helt wins Sykesville election

May 8, 1985 – Carroll County Times

Excerpt from Carroll County Times —-

Turnout sets record

Staff Writer

Incumbent Sykesville Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr. was swept back into office by an overwhelming margin over challenger William Brandenburg Jr. Tuesday in what was described as a record voter turnout by the town’s election officials.

Approximately 53 percent or 179 of the town’s 274 registered voters voted more than three to one for Helt, according to final official election results. Helt received 140 votes to Brandenburg’s 39 votes. “That’s (the margin) bigger than I ever
imagined,” an exhilarated Helt said after hearing the results. “It’s a vote for progressive government.”

Upon hearing the election results Tuesday night, Brandenburg disagreed.

“No I don’t see it that way at all. I just see it … people are taken in by more advertisement. I was very conservative and didn’t blow a lot of publicity. Consequently, I guess people prefer publicity,” Brandenburg said.

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People mentioned include: Lloyd Helt, William Brandenburg, Eugene E. Johnson, Norma M. Hirsch, Gerald R. Rains, Joye Kaufman, B.J. Ulysses, Richard R. Stuart, Anna R. Ejdel, Jeff Griffith, Francis Manor

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Synopsis: Sykesville’s Mayor wins re-election over grumpy challenger William Brandenburg, a former mayor.

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