High School For Sykesville

February 15, 1917

Senator Warfield Takes Up Matter With School Commissioners of the County

A movement is on the foot for the establishment of a High School in Sykesville in the near future, and just at present indications look very promising for a modern school building within a short period.

Several months ago, Senator Wade H. D. Warfield visited the School Commissioners at Westminster, regarding the project and received much encouragement upon the matter. The proposition was not allowed to drop and again on Wednesday the Senator paid a visit to the Commissioners, with the result that in all probability a High School will be established here, providing the necessary site can be secured. By the cooperation of this and the surrounding community Sykesville will eventually succeed in getting a creditable school building for the purpose and something they have been sadly in need of for many years. As the matter is now under way, every effort should be brought forth to make the proposition a reality.

The understanding, so far known, is that providing the site can be secured, a new and modern building will be erected in time enough for the opening of the Fall school session in September.

Sykesville is at present to only town in the County of any consequence without a High School and as her citizens have been patient these years, it is due the town to have a creditable building for the purpose. Every effort should be put forth at once, and with the assistance of the Senator, the town will no doubt succeed in its efforts.

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