High School In Scrap Rubber Drive

January 14, 1943

Victory Corps Meeting Is Planned–Students Give To Starving Greeks

The Salvage Club of Sykesville High School will have a series of scrap rubber drives, beginning January 13 and continuing until February 1. Articles that are small may be sent by children, while heavier items, such as tires, may be hauled to the scrap heap back of the school.

The public is asked to send in old rubber articles such as: Gloves, galoshes and overshoes, floor mats, sponges, aprons, shoe soles and heels, garden hose, hot water bottles, bath mats, raincoats, bathing caps – any discarded object made of rubber, from a pencil eraser to a tire.

Victory Corps Meeting

The Sykesville High School Victory Corps will be definitely organized at an assembly on Wednesday, January 20, at 2 p. m. Interested citizens are invited to attend the program. The principal talks will be given by Dr. Earle Hawkins, Maryland High School Supervisor, and William Tomlinson, president of the Victory Corps Council.

Greek War Relief

For a number of years it has been the custom of students of the various classes of Sykesville High to draw names at Christmas time and exchange 10c gifts. After reading the articles, “Famine in Greece, 1942,” and “This is Starvation,” which appeared in the August and December issues respectively at the Readers Digest, most of the students decided to discontinue this pleasure for this year and to contribute the money to the American Red Cross for Greek War Relief. The sum of $16.00 was sent to the Red Cross for this purpose.

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