Historical Society Presented Gifts; To Mark Civil War

February 4, 1960

The Historical Society of Carroll County met on Thursday, January 28, with a very large attendance. James M. Chriver was installed as president, and Mrs. J. Melvin Meredith was elected treasurer to replace Irvin M. Hahn who resigned.

The members and friends present noted the great improvement that has recently been made to the first floor of the home as the hall, the great room, the Governor Brown and dining rooms have been replastered.

Mrs. Lillian Shipley presented Mrs. George Banks, Sykesville, whose aunt, Mrs. W. Parker Jones, has given her collection of dolls to the Society. These rare dolls, beautifully dressed in antique satin, brocade and lace have been a lifetime hobby of Mrs. Jones, whose forebearers came from this area. Included are wooden, papier mache, china pink lustre, Patian, and Bisque, many dating back to 1830.

Also noted was a beautiful rosewood Boardman, Grey and Company piano in the Governor Brown room. This piano belonged to Mrs. John B. Huffington whose husband was a physician in the New Windsor area around 1860.

The piano is the gift of Miss Ann Bixler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bixler, great-great granddaughter of Mrs. Huffington. It has been in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cairn, New Windsor, and at one time was used in Dielman’s Inn.

Another accession of interest to Society is Volume G Jonas Green’s Maryland Gazette published in Annapolis. This volume comprises the years 1758, 1759, 1760, 1761, and is the gift of Mrs. Robert K. Billingslea, Sr., along with other old and unusual books.

As Carroll County played some part in the Civil war, it seems fitting that the Society plan some commemoration of the Centennial to be observed during the next four years. General J. E. B. Stuart, Col. Harry Gilmore, General Bradley Johnson and General Geo. G. Meade passed through this area along with other well known officers. Some of the troops stopped off at the Shellman house, now the home of the Society.

Mr. Dennis Blizard, Baltimore, Dr. Theodore M. Whitfield presented to the members the following suggestions for activities that might be held by the Society, schools, or other organizations in keeping with the Centennial: Roster of the war veterans from Carroll county, pageants, parades, memorial observances, grave markers, movies, display of documents, road markers and essays and research by students.

Serving as hostesses were Mrs. Edward K. Baker, Mrs. Byrd Norris, Mrs. F. Kale Mathias, Mrs. Wilbur Shreeve, sr., Mrs. Glenn W. Speicher and Mrs. J. Pearre Wantz, Jr.

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