Important Business Change in Sykesville This Week

June 2, 1921

The “Old Stone Store” Now The Home of the Farm & Home Supply Co., While Phelps & Brown Go to the Big Mellor Store

The firm of Phelps & Brown, long established at “The Old Stone Store,” have this week occupied their new quarters in the Mellor store, which has been completely renovated and made very attractive. The passing of “The Old Stone Store” as a grocery store is an event of more than passing interest. It ceases today to be a general store, carrying groceries, dry goods, etc., for the the first time in about 65 years. The store was built about 1856 by Dr. Owings, who came from Owings Mills, in Baltimore County.

Part of the stone used in the structure was taken from the old road-bed of the B & O railroad, which was the first steam road in America. Previous to the development of steam first it was a horse railroad from Baltimore. The old store has stood the test of time. It is today as substantial as when it was first opened to the public. Dr. Hammond succeeded Dr. Owings in the management of the store. It was early acquired by Mellor & McDonald and when this firm dissolved, and Edwin M. Mellor went to the store to which Phelps & Brown move today, “The Old Stone Store” became the property of John McDonald, who conducted it as a general store for many years. Hawkins & Phelps succeeded John  McDonald & Co., and then Eugene Berry succeeded Mr. Hawkins and the firm became Phelps & Berry. Harry M. Phelps next bought out his partner and later sold an interest in the business to Arthur Brown and the firm is now known as Phelps & Brown.

“The Old Stone Store”, one of the old landmarks of the town, is now the new home of the Home & Farm Supply Co., of which Wm. H. Bennett is the general manager. It will this week be completely stocked with a full line of implements, house furnishing goods, and hardware. Both floors will be fully occupied and it will make this new concern an ideal stand for their business.

The Mellor store has been completely renovated, as has the entire building. Apartments have been fitted up on the second floor and three families already occupy them. The store itself, which is among the largest in Sykesville, has been made very attractive and stocked with a complete line of groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, gents’ and ladies’ furnishings, feed, etc. Freshly painted and with modern fixtures, the store presents a fine appearance.

Watch the firm’s space in the Herald next week for an interesting announcement. The Home & Farm Supply Co., will also have a special announcement next week. The Herald congratulates both concerns and wishes for them full measure of success.

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