It may help a little – Sykesville’s Acquisition of the B & O Train Station

April 6, 1988 – Carroll County Times

Excerpt from Carroll County Times —

Merchants question impact
Staff Writer

While Sykesville officials have said a restored train depot can revive Main Street, business owners there are skeptical about the impact the project will have. In fact, two businesses are planning to move to higherprofile areas.

McDougall’s Pharmacy, a Main Street fixture for 30 years, will move to Md. 32 and Sandosky Road. “I’ll have better exposure up the highway,” said owner Bernard McDougall.

End of Excerpt —

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People mentioned in the story include Bernard McDougall, Chan Park, Linda Greenberg, Sotirios Karambelas, Lloyd Helt.

Synopsis: Sykesville finally buys the old B & O train station, but not all the town’s merchants think it will help the town much.

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