It Was A Mild Winter — Until Last Weekend’s Blitz

February 18, 1960

This winter was notable for its lack of snow and severe weather — until last weekend.  Then snow, sleet, gale-like winds and biting cold combined to put on a two-day exhibition of the season’s worst weather.

The snow and sleet storm, which began Saturday afternoon and continued through Sunday, resulted in very hazardous travel conditions. State and county road crews labored through cold and windy weather to clear the highways. On Monday morning, town officials pressed into service a large grader to plow open snow covered streets in Sykesville.

Carroll County public schools were closed on Monday but reopened on Tuesday. The sun came out and temperatures moderated on Monday, with the result that many children enjoyed a day of the finest sledding in a long time.

No serious breakdown of telephone or electric service resulted from the storm. Failure of electric current in this area for about half an hour Saturday afternoon was not due to the snow. Gas and Electric Company officials said a 33,000-volt feeder line was struck and severed by a bullet.

Employees of the Carroll County Roads Department were praised by the County Commissioners for untiring efforts in the snow removal operations.

Roads Engineer Paul Walsh gave the order to start snow removal operations Saturday afternoon for a continuous operation until Monday evening. This meant that most drivers and their assistants worked 48 hours  or more without relief.

Tuesday saw an effort started to remove snow from non-macadam  roads not opened to traffic. Though the snowfall in this area averaged about five inches, Sunday’s high winds piled up huge drifts in some sections.

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