J. Glenn Beall, Jr., Speaks In Carroll County

July 4, 1968

J. Glenn Beall, Jr., Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District, speaking at Union Bridge before the West Carroll Republican Club, Tuesday night, indicated that his campaign for the Congressional seat being vacated by Charles Mathias will stress, among other issues, the need to reaffirm society’s respect for law and order.

In stating that “the permissive stance of the present administration with regard to the enforcement of laws has created a social context resulting in a dangerous decline to respect for authority.” Beall laid responsibility for the increasing number of urban riots and campus disturbances squarely at the feet of the Johnson administration, and added that this permissiveness has been one of the “basic causes” of these problems.

Beall, presently Minority Floor Leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, emphasized that, “the government of the United States must establish in the people’s minds that this is, in fact, a country of laws which are made for the protection of all people.”

Citing an 88% increase in the national crime rate within the last seven years, Beall stated that this is especially startling in view of a population increase of only 10% during the same period.

Stressing that, “we have always found solutions to problems of varying magnitudes,” Beall predicted that “solutions can and will be found by people who have the courage, imagination and ability to come up with new directions in charting the course of our future.”

He stated that “we must create an atmosphere in which law-abiding people can be given the opportunity to improve this society for themselves and their children.” Mr. Beall said “it is a major governmental responsibility to enforce the law and, thereby, act an example for all segments of our society.”

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