Kidnnapped Robbed By – Three Men He Gave Lift

January 4, 1940

One New Year’s resolution that William Cass of Darlington MD, son of Rev. and Mrs. JR Marley Cass of Gaither, probably made was never to pick up unknown hitch-hikers in his automobile.

Such a resolution was prompted by his harrowing experience of having guns poked at his back three men whom he had given a lift, of listening to them argue whether of not to kill him, of being beaten and dumped out of his car and left at a lonely spot near Philadelphia.

All of this occurred last Wednesday night after Cass, a salesman for a firm in Bel Air picked up the three men whie on his way home from work. They soon produced guns and took over the car. Cass walked to a filling station after being robbed and and put out of in the machine in Pennsylvania and notified police. Three suspects have been arrested in Newark NJ.

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