League Of Women Voters Endorses New Constitution

April 4, 1968

“There is a major controversey waging in the Maryland today between those who would have Maryland go ahead, and those who would hold Maryland back. This tug-of-war will be decided on May 14, when voters will determine whether or not they want a significantly improved structure of state government,” stated the Maryland League of Women Voters, in announcing its endorsement of the proposed new constitution.

“The judgment of the League has long been awaited by those who respect the qualifications and seriousness of purpose of the civic group and who noted their close attention to the constitutional convention proceedings,” said Clarence Miles, chairman of the Maryland Citizens for proposed Constitution. Dr. Milton Eisenhower, past president of Johns Hopkins University and co-chairman of the same citizens committee, called upon all students of government to avail themselves of the excellent educational material prepared by the League in connection with its interest in the state constitution.

The League statement continued:

“During the course of more than 30 years of concern for the inadequacies of the state constitution, the League of Women Voters developed an objective set of standards against which they measured the quality of the convention and the draft constitution. Members of the League state-wide, overwhelmingly support ratification and will cooperate with any groups seeking success at the May 14th election.

“Maryland’s present constitution severely restricts the people’s ability to govern themselves and creates many critical problems, even though it has been amended more than 200 times in efforts to make it work.”

“We must look at the entire constitution and measure the good that it will provide, and not sulk about individual sections. Be guided by the actions of our forefathers who created the most durable governmental compact in history out of a series of compromises,” urges the League, of those who have sincere questions about particular provisions.”

Their statement also points out that many who oppose the constitution are protesters against change of any kind, and they have been joined by forces seeking to hold the state back in order to protect selfish interests. Citizens are warned to be especially alert to aggrieved officials who anticipate altered legislative districts, phased out jobs and loss of patronage.

“We applaud the proposed constitution as an effective tool…”


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