Let Her Crumble

July 4, 1918

No one outside the “House of Hapsburg” will shed a tear when the Austro-Hungarian throne crumbles and the emperor goes the route of Nich Romanoff. It is a nation built upon the sands of several nationalities bound together by a ring of iron and straw held in place by the notoriously dissolute and corrupt grand dukes of Hapsburg whose hands and brains and souls are guided by the House of Hohenzollern.

Let Austro-Hungary crumble and fall apart. Germany may try to grab some of the crumbs but she won’t hold many of them. German Austria is now Germany, just as much so as Prussia. She could not aid the plans of the Teuton junkers any more if she became a part of the kaiser’s empire. The rest of the crumbs are not Germany now and never can be made German. They will rise independent states out of the wreckage of the Hapsburg ruins. These peoples submitted with ill concealed displeasure to the German-controlled government of the dual monarchy. They will not long tolerate an all-German government or Potsdom.

Austria-Hungary for years was the powder house of Europe and there never was a dearth of matches about the place. Austria-Hungary divided scatters the powder.

Emperor Carl can join King Constantine and Czar Nicholas in the land of “used-to-be,” without evoking any regrets. Let the House of Hapsburg slide, and the world has seen its best–and countless years of its worst. The family of nations can get along quite well without Austria-Hungary and will be hugely benefited by the formation of a group of free and independent states whose borders run along racial lines and are not dictated by Hohenzollern greed.

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