Letters To The Editor

January 26, 1967

To the Editor and All Citizens of Maryland:

For the welfare of your community and State, please contact your local legislators and ask them to do everything legally possible to bring about the defeat of the three following bills, which will be introduced in the current meeting of the Maryland legislature:

1. To repeal the Death Penalty Law.

2. To repeal the Interracial Marriage Law.

3. To repeal the “Ober Law” requiring loyalty oath.

Will try to answer any questions concerning these matters.

Be on guard! “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.”

Lawrence T. Day, Sr.

Marriotsville, Md.


Action is an important word. Movies and television programs are “action-packed”, “Action-filled”. A hero is always a “man of action.”

When we think of action, we think of “heading them off at  the pass” or some similar feat which requires great physical effort and achievement.

We never consider the quiet action. We never consider that there is action in a decision. There is action in merely standing up to be counted, in holding firm to an ideal, in lending a helping hand to a worthwhile cause or project.

Action does not always speak loudly. Action is not always merely the opposite of indecision, the opposite of indifference.

Hold to a right thought, be it unpopular; do a good deed, quietly, without hope of ackowledgement or reward; and you will realize there is a quiet action — and strength — in faith and good works.


Maturity is not a state one suddenly arrives at. It is a continuous development, achieved less by age than by insight. – Michael Drury.

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