Local Firemen’s Idle Spell Broken

February 28, 1935

Three Fires, Two Within Town, Keep Volunteers On Jump; Much Property Saved

Without an alarm for more than a month, the local Volunteer Fire Company had the spell broken the past week by three fires, two of which were within the town.

Huge saving of property was effected through early discovery of the fires and prompt efforts of the firemen. In each instance, only a small loss was sustained.

A fire in a small ware room to the rear of the Harry R. DeVries hardware store, a blaze which damaged the roof of the King’s Pharmacy building and flames from a burning fodder rick which threatened the barn and other buildings on the farm of Dallas Slack in Howard county, comprised the trio of fires which would have caused much more serious and disastrous loss had accompaning circumstances been less fortunate.

Discovered Sunday night, shortly before 7 o’clock, the blaze threatening the DeVries store started among a pile of egg crates, stored in a small ware room. It was burning briskly when noticed by John Dorsey, who gave the alarm. Firemen, utilizing water from the engine’s booster tank, extinguished the blaze before damage of any consequence was done.

A slight loss was sustained on last Thursday afternoon when flames damaged the roof of the King Pharmacy building. First seen by Louis P. Shultz, the flames were fast burning through the dry, wooden shingles when the alarm was given. Their origin was laid to a chimney, declared by firemen to be lower than the cone of the “L” shaped roof. About a year ago, a similar blaze was experienced at the same place.

The barn and other buildings on the farm of Dallas Slack, at Slack Corner, narrowly escaped falling prey to flames on Thursday last, at about 9 p.m., when fire of unknown origin destroyed a rick containing 800 bundles of fodder. Neighbors and members of the family succeeded in keeping the fire from the barn, immediately adjacent, until the quick arrival of Sykesville firemen, who brought the blaze under control with water furnished by electric pumps on the place, which replenished and kept in operation the 100-gallon booster tank of the fire engine. The Ellicott City Fire Department also dispatched an engine to the scene and rendered assistance.

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