Local Men Serving U.S. In This Country And Abroad

August 10, 1967

“General Quarters! General Quarters!! All hands man your battle station!”

The crackling call sends more than 400 officers and men aboard the guided missile armed destroyer leader, USS Wainwright, to gun mounts, missile -launching equipment combat information centers to defend themselves and their task force of ships against an approaching enemy attack.

The Wainwright, in Vietnam since June of this year, is patrolling “Yankee Station” in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam as part of Attack Carrier Task Force 77.

Her job is three-fold. She monitors all communications into and out of the tense Gulf area, provides advance warning to carriers and other ships of impending enemy air attacks and, with her helicopter flight deck in the after part of the ship,  serves as a platform of search and rescue choppers to use in their quick rescue of downed pilots.

Serving aboard her is Seaman David S. Moore, Jr., USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Moore, Sr., of Route 1, Sykesville, a 1965 graduate of Sykesville High School, who works on the Wainwright’s deck force.

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