Local Soldier Writes Of British CD Work

March 25, 1943

Our mail the other day contained this V-mail letter from Corp. Philip S. Lee, serving with U. S. Army forces in the British Isles, which we can’t resist from passing on to Herald readers:

March 6, 1943
Mr. Frederick Church,
Sykesville Herald,
Sykesville, Maryland, U. S. A.

I guess that you are surprised to hear from me. Miracles never cease, you know. Mother sends the gossip column to me each week. It’s good to hear what the folks back home are doing for the war effort. I hope that you get the airplane spotters you want. You should see how well the civilian defense works over here. They really have a good system. Everyone sticks to his job as though he or she were the one who could win the war.

You folks at home will never realize how big a part the civilian defense plays in a country in a war zone. Thousands of lives have been saved by the CD workers in this country. The home guard is also another important organization. Over here they are almost as well equipped and almost as efficient as the regular army. Here’s hoping you get good capable men for the job. By the way, it sure looks good to see my name in your paper as being a father. Hoping to see good old Sykesville soon, I remain,

Phil Lee.

Thanks, Phil. Your letter contains a timely message for many of us here on the home front in “good old Sykesville.” Indeed, it prompts me to ask: “Who’s doing the morale boosting around here, anyway,?” For this civilian finds himself in the unique position of having his spirit helped materially by one of our soldiers in a far-off war zone. Your letter gave us a “lift” at a time when we needed one.

Glad you’re getting the local news, and hope it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to return home and see that baby boy of yours. Your folks tell me he’s coming along fine, reminds them of his old man. We of the Sykesville CD are willing to agree that the British system is pretty good, too! Eh,  wot? Thanks, again, and best regards. — F. C.

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