Local Telephone Man Is Retired

January 12, 1950

Walter D. McDaniel With C. & P. For 31 Years

After 31 years of service with the utility, Walter D. McDaniel, veteran employee of the C. & P. Telephone Company, is being retired.

Actually, MR. McDaniel will not be formally separated from the company until February 1. But his working days for the C. & P. ended this week when he began a three-week paid vacation.

A farewell luncheon in honor of the local man was held in Baltimore on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Attending the affair were 36 fellow workers and company officials, who joined in laudatory remarks and the presentation of gifts.

Started in 1919

It was back in January, 1919, when “Mr. Mac” as he is known to many local telephone users, first went to work for the C. & P.

At that time the Sykesville exchange was located in the brick building on Main street which now houses the Stewart Barber Shop. Mr. McDaniel then was known as a “combination man,” and that he was, looking after all phases of telephone work in the Sykesville area. His equipment, in a day when the automobile was in its infancy, included a Model T Ford.

Eventually, he became “manager” of the Sykesville exchange and in this capacity he served until April, 1938 when he was transferred  to Baltimore, and younger men took over the rigorous and greatly expanded Sykesvilles work.

Repaired Equipment

For a short time after going to the city, Mr. McDaniel served as a central office man. In December, 1938, he was transferred to the Elgin avenue general routine and repair shop where he remained until Jan. 10, 1950. There his work included the re-finishing of telephone switchboards and booths and all classes of repair work.

Now, “Mr. Mac” is free to enjoy a well-earned life of retirement. The pressure is off and there is no more scheduled work. And, you guessed it, you’ll probably find him among his motors, saws and tools in a small shop at his home, “relaxing” by doing an accumulation of odd jobs.

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