Making Plans to Honor its Heroes

July 18, 1918

Navy Department wants Photographs of Enlisted Men who Perish in War

For Memorial Galleries

Size of Army Camps and Cantonments increased in Past Six Months–improvement in Ship Loading Helps Our Allies

(From Committee on Public Information.)

Washington.–The navy department in collecting photographs of enlisted men who lose their lives in the war that their memory may be perpetuated. Secretary Daniels asks relatives or others having such photographs to lend them to the navy that copies may be made for the navy’s records. Originals will be returned to the owners as fast as copies can be made.

A photograph of each man is to be forwarded by the navy department to the training station where he began his career in the service. At each of these stations a memorial gallery of honor or a hero’s corner is to be established so that for all time the face of the man of the navy who has made the supreme sacrifice may be honored by the youth of the future sent to the station for training.

All pictures, loaned or contributed, should be securely wrapped for mailing after they have been marked with the name, brands of service, and training station the young man entered after enlistment. They should be addressed in the recruiting division, bureau of navigation, navy department, Washington, D. C. Care will be taken to return safely the photograph to the sender, when desired, together with one of the copies made of it.

More than $22,000,000 has been expended during the past

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