Maryland’s Day at the Centennial

October 7 1876

Democratic Advocate

The Centennial State day of Maryland has been appointed for Thursday, October 19, when Governor John Lee Carroll, and Mayor Latrobe, of Baltimore, will receive their guests in the Maryland building. The Fifth Regiment, Maryland National Guard, is expected to visit the Exhibition at the same time. A feature of tho day will be a Centennial riding tournament, the arrangements for which are in the hands of an executive committee. A meeting of this committee was held Monday morning in tho Judges’ Hall, when S. Taylor Suit, of Maryland, was chosen to act as Marshal, and General
Duncan S. Walker, of Washington, D. C., Secretary. Fifteen mounted knights will appear in the pageant, one representing the Centennial, another the Union, and the remainder the thirteen original States. In addition to these there will he a Queen of Love and Beauty, attended by four maids of honor. In addition to medals to be awarded by tho United States Centennial Commission, the executive committee of the tournament will offer valuable prizes to be tilted for. A committee was also chosen to select an orator and judges for the occasion.

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