Mathias Enters Race For Senatorial Seat

February 15, 1968

Congressman Charles Mathias, Jr. Saturday threw his political hat into the senatorial race of Maryland.

In announcing his decision to seek the Republican Party’s nomination to oppose incumbent Senator Daniel Brewster, Congressman Mathias expressed “deep concern over the state of our nation.”

He said that many of the major decisions facing our country “would be made exclusively in the senate and I would like to take part in solving these problems.”

The congressman called for the resolving of the war in Vietnam and the development of a “positive” foreign policy so that the United States can use its reserves to fight crime and poverty.

He called for programs which would use “our scientific skills to cleanse our water and our air and provide recreational facilities for our people.”

He said that the State of Maryland “must undertake steps to insure that she has her fair measure” of federal programs.

“For the past eight years I have served the people of the sixth Congressional District. It has been challenging and rewarding. I have a deep conviction that I can best serve them in the senate.”

A native of Frederick, Md…

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