Member of Czech Olympic Hockey Team Visits Cousin Here

March 24, 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur M. Vlach had as their guest last weekend Mr. Vlach’s cousin, Mr. Miroslav Vlach, of Czechoslovakia, who, with nineteen other top ice hockey players, came to the United States to represent Czechoslovakia at the Olympic games in Squaw Valley and to play a series of games against U.S. and Canadian hockey teams.

On his return home, Mr. Vlach, or Miroky, as he is called, was granted special permission by the Czechoslovakian Embassy in Washington to leave his teammates in New York for the short visit here. On Sunday 25 members of the Vlach family from Baltimore, Catonsville, and Towson, four of whom had been born in Czechoslovakia, gathered at the Wilbur Vlach’s to greet him and wish him well on his return trip. The Embassy not only permitted the trip but provided an escort from the N.Y. office of the Czech Ambassador to the U.N. who saw that Mr. Vlach made plane connections at Idylwild Airport, both on this trip down and on his return to New York.

Mr. Vlach has played on Czechoslovakia’s national team for four years and is co-holder of the high-championship hockey games. He was very impressed with U.S. hockey and general living conditions in this country and expressed hopes that he would get back again. Much goodwill was exchanged in the visit.

Also a weekend guest at the Vlach’s was Mr. Vlach’s aunt, Mrs. William H. Mariner, of Baltimore, who acted as interpreter for the honored guest.

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