Men, 18-38, Must Carry Draft Cards

January 21, 1943

Severe Penalties For Those Who Do Not After February 1

All men in the State of Maryland between the ages of 18 and 38, who have been subject to Selective Service registration for as long as six months and who do not have their classification cards, are advised by Colonel Henry C. Stanwood, State Director of Selective Service, to communicate with their local boards at once. On and after February 1, the Directer pointed out, any man in this age group who does not have in his personal possession his Classification Card (Form 57) as well as his Certificate of Registration is liable to fine or imprisonment , or both.

The recent order of the Selective Bureau of the “War” Manpower Commission, setting the February 1 deadline for possession of Classification Cards by men of military ages, has met with prompt response in Maryland, the Director said. Many registrants are reporting to their local boards, requesting classification cards be duplicated. However, Colonel Stanwood says he believes there are still a few who have failed to get in touch with their boards because of carelessness or negligence.

Registrants in the 45-to-65-year-old group are not affected by the order, and Colonel Stanwood said there are actually only a handful of men in the State who can be considered  as delinquent, according to Selective Service regulations, for failure to keep in touch with their local boards. Nevertheless, he emphasized that in the present emergency no man will be allowed to avoid military responsibility merely because of failure to keep his local board advised of his whereabouts.

It has been determined, therefore, Colonel Stanwood said, to requite each registrant subject to the order not only to have his Registration Certificate (Form 2) in his personal possession but also to have his Classification Card (Form 57) with him at all times to show that he has been classified by his local board.

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