Midnight Alarm at Mellor Home

July 23, 1914

A Frog Hunt That Had A Thrilling Sequel for Two People

Mr. J. Brooke Mellor, several of the town boys and Archie and Charles Mellor, who are visiting for the Summer, went out after frogs the other night, and thereby hangs a tale–not the tail of a frog nor of a pollywog, which is a frog before the tail drops off, but a thrilling tale of a midnight experience, which Mrs. Mellor tells better than anyone else, because she was an actor in the story.

When the frog-hunters returned home about midnight they placed the frogs in the dish pan in the kitchen and covered the pan and placed a weight upon it. Sometime later Mr. Brooks Mellor discovered that he had something inside of his anatomy that needed a does of painkiller, soothing syrup, or something of that sort, and his good wife made her way to the kitchen to hunt up the needed remedy, totally unconscious of the proximity of the frogs.

While groping about in the dark she heard a peculiar noise in one corner. Then she heard it behind her. She is not a timid woman and boldly struck a match. Immediately there was a commotion, not only among the frogs, but with Mellor. The frogs radiated from a common center in all directions and the woman of the house deserted the kitchen in less time than it takes to tell it.

A white-draped figure whisked up the stairway and fell across the bed half frightened and half “hopping” mad. Her husband quickly explained what the invasion meant and quiet was restored without the painkiller.

In the morning the colored girl on entering the kitchen did all kinds of a horn-pipe in getting out of the way of the frogs. They were everywhere, on the table, on the refrigerator, in the pantry, on the chairs, in the cupboards and in every corner. They were finally corralled and later in the day Mr. E. M. Mellor relished a dish of frog legs cooked to the queen’s taste by his daughter-in-law and he considers that he got the cream of the escapade.

The household is laughing about it now, but for a time it looked as if the Fire Department and all the policemen in Carroll County might be needed to repel the invasion of the Mellor home. It is believed the last frog has been found.

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