Minstrel Makes a Hit

May 3, 1917

One of the Best Performances of Its Kind Brought Here in Some Time

The Lyceum was crowded to the doors on last Thursday night to witness the minstrel performance given by the Washington Stock Company, composed of some very talented and professional black face artists. The performance was held for the benefit of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of this place.

It was one of the best entertainments afforded Sykseville for some time and those who were unfortunate enough to miss seeing it, will, no doubt. be glad to hear that the members of the Washington Stock Company will repeat the show on Tuesday evening, May 19th, at the Glenwood Country Club, Glenwood, Md.

Father Cainan is to be congratulated on bringing such as array of talent to Sykesville and hopes to have similar treats in the future.

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