Modernizing Store

February 10, 1938:

Extensive Improvements Being Made At Forsyth and Brown’s

Carpenters Monday morning began renovating the interior of Forsyth and Brown general merchandising store, Sykesville. Remodeling activities will not interfere with business, which is to be carried on as usual.

Extensive improvements, that will make of the local establishment a modern department store, are planned by the owners, Henry Forsyth and Celius Brown. According to plans, the present dry goods and grocery departments will be shifted to opposite sides of the store, position of the office and wareroom will be moved, lights changed and a new electrical refigerating plant, together with meat display case, running crossways of the store, will be installed. The new refrigerating equipment, to be of the lastest and most modern manufacture, will be installed after March 1.

J. Francis Dixon, local wood craftsman, is in charge of building shelves and other carpenter work. William McDonald, local electrician, is doing the electrical work.


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