More British Sailors Arrive In Community

July 22, 1943

The British Navy landed in force in Sykesville on Wednesday evening when 15 officers and men arrived to spend 10 days with local families. Last week five of the British blue jackets spent a brief furlough here.

Miss Margaret Harris of Sykesville and Mr. Marley Cassof of Gaither, working in conjunction with Baltimore USO headquarters, placed the visiting sailors, mostly in pairs, in local homes. The men expect to spend 10 days here before being ordered back to their ship.

Local families who are showing the English seamen how American hospitality works, include: Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William S. Shipley, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Jonothan Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hurline, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ridgely, Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis, and Charles W. Mitchell, 3rd. In addition to the 15 here, two other British sailors were assigned to Woodbine and are staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis.

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