Most Roads Open Despite Heavy Snow, High Wind And Bitter Cold

January 26, 1961

Winter in full fury held an unrelenting grip on the community this week with heavy snow, high winds and sub-zero cold. On several nights the temperature in this area dropped well below the zero mark. Locally, early morning thermometer readings, as generally reported, ranged from 5 to 10 degrees below.

For County and State Roads employees, the 12 to 15–inch snow which fell last Thursday and Friday created many sleepless hours. With strong winds whipping up drifts as high as eight feet, the job involved reopening, on Friday and Saturday, roads which had been previously opened to traffic.

The State opened its last route Friday night. At times U.S. Route 140 between Westminster and Reisterstown was almost choke with snow. Working on a total of approximately 190 miles of roads in Carroll County, State crews were able to widen out all routes to normal  traffic over the weekend.

County Road Engineer Paul Walsh and his road employees had a difficult task in opening 775 miles of county roads and streets. Narrow roads and high drifts made the job run into Sunday night before some 95% of county roads were opened. Engineer Walsh and many of his men worked over 50 hours without sleep. Monday saw the county begin widening operations on its roads.

In Sykesville, town officials moved quickly to cope with the deluge of snow. All streets and roads were quickly opened to traffic. By Saturday evening, snow piled high along Main Street by pows had been hauled away. Appreciative motorists and pedestrians, who remembered the rugged conditions resulting from an earlier snowfall, were loud in their praise of the Mayor and Council for their prompt and efficient handling of the snow removal problem in this occasion.

In some sections of the county heavy drifting resulted from a light snowfall on Monday, followed by very high winds. The drifting continued on Tuesday when a Freedom District school bus became stuck in the snow on White Rock Road.

One of the critical situations facing roads throughout this area is what to do with another drifting snow if it should strike soon. With snow banked high along most roads now, the removal job would require several days longer and hardships on Carroll Countians could be extensive. All citizens, particularly those in isolated areas, are warned to take precautions, insofar as food and fuel supplies are concerned.

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