New Air-Raid & Fire Signals

April 8, 1943

Freedom and Berrett Districts of Carroll County, Md.

(Effective Feb. 17, 1943, ‘Till Further Notice)

BLUE SIGNAL–One long blast of siren or whistles and continuous ringing of bells for 2 minutes. (CD workers, firemen go to posts; homes and buildings blackout; traffic moves slowly on low beam lights; pedestrians may move cautiously.)

RED SIGNAL–Sound siren with waving effect, intermittent ringing of bells (ring and pause, ring and pause to correspond with waving of siren), and blowing of short blasts on whistles, all for at least 2 minutes. (Complete black-out; traffic stops; public off the street and into shelters).

ALL CLEAR (White Signal)–By radio, turning on street lights, one short blast of siren or whistle, and ringing of bells for not more than one-half minute.

FIRE ALARM (Sykesville)–New Statewide signal for volunteer companies:

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