New Dress Guidelines For South Carroll High Students

November 27, 1969

A dress review committee composed of three teachers, three parents, and three students, has recommended revised guidelines for dress by students at South Carroll High School.

In announcing it’s recommendations, committee stated that “the responsibility for attire of a student primarily lies with the students and his parents.

It pointed out that the Carroll County Board of Education, recognizing that appearance can affect the learning situation, has issued a policy stating:

“Clothing and appearance for school students will be determined by decency, modesty, cleanliness, and appropriateness to the occasion.”

In order to aid students in complying with this policy, the Dress Review Committee for South Carroll has recommended the following guidelines, effective November 17:


Clothing—(a) Pants and shirts are to be worn as designed. (b) White “T” shirts are underwear and are not to be recommended. (c) Ring neck “T” shirts are acceptable.

Shoes—(a) Sandals are permitted but shoes are recommended.

Hair—(a) Neat and clean. (b) Must be kept out of the eyes. (c) Other facial hair acceptable if kept neatly trimmed.


Clothing—(a) Dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks, sweaters, culottes, and pant-dresses are acceptable. (b) Skirts shall be no shorter than half-way up the thigh from the back of the knee.

Hair—(a) Neat and clean. (b) Must be kept out of the eyes.

The committee further recommended that the Student Government Association establish a standing committee for periodic review of recommendations and/or revision of dress and to work in liaison with the administration on any problems that may arise as a result of individual infraction of dress.

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