New Produce Market To Open May 1; Seen Benefit To Farmers, Buyers

April 28, 1960

The new Baltimore Wholesale Produce Market primarily for fresh fruits and vegetables will open May 2, according to Dr. Paul E. Nystrom, Director of Extension, University of Maryland. Formal dedication ceremonies will take place May 14.

This market is one of the most modern of its kind. It is designed to lower handling costs through greater efficiency in operation, and it is hoped will result in higher prices to producers, Dr. Nystrom said.

Because of its location on Route 40, close to the north exit of the Harbor Tunnel, and on the edge of the Baltimore Beltway, farmers will be able to deliver produce to the market and get back to farming without the long delay of a trip in and out of the Baltimore business district to other congested markets. “It is hard to see how the new market could have been more conveniently located to serve the needs of the farmers,” points out Dr. Nystrom.

Dr. Nystrom is a member of the New Marsh Wholesale Produce Market Authority, which is developing the new market. The authority was created by the general Assembly of Maryland in 1956. Members of the Authority are Samuel M. Hecht, chairman; J. Miller Merritt, vice-chairman; Dr. R. Walter Graham, Jr., secretary-treasurer; Dr. Nystrom, W. Dale Hess, John B. Foard, J., and E. Arch Seidl.

Because of its efficient design and convenient location the market is expected to attract a larger number of both growers and produce buyers from as far away as Rochester, N.Y., Pittsburgh and Eastern Pennsylvania, to the North: and all Southern States and Northern Virginia. It will be particularly convenient to all points in Maryland.

The market is located on a 50-acre site, deeded by the City of Baltimore. Present facilities occupy about 20 acres of the site.

Produce facilities include one building 100 feet wide and 562 feet long. This building contains 25 store units which will be occupied by produce commission firms, including a seafood firm, and a basket supply house. Another open shed 40 foot by 240 feet will be used by these merchants to handle bulk produce in seasonal supply. Other facilities on the market include a bank, an ice supply company, and a service station. Allowances have been made for possible future expansion.

Facilities have been laid out to provide convenient loading and unloading, ample parking, and good lighting. A centrally operated loud speaker system has been installed to cover the whole market area.

Started last June, construction of the market was financed by bond issued by the Authority, backed by the State’s credit amounting to $1,350,000.

The new market represents many years of planning by local produce merchants, members of the Authority, and the University of Maryland Agricultural Extension Service, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Baltimore City officials, and Maryland farm organizations.

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