New Rules For Overseas Mail

January 14, 1943

Regulations Affect Parcels, Letters, Papers For Army Personnel

The Postmaster General has issued an order that effective January 15, 1943, no parcel exceeding 5 pounds in weight or 15 inches in length or 36 inches in length and girth combined shall be accepted for dispatch to A. P. O.’s overseas for individuals. No parcels shall be accepted for dispatch to A. P. O’s outside the continental United States unless they contain such articles only as are being sent at the specific written request of the addressee, approved by the battalion or similar unit commander of the addressee.

Individual copies of newspapers or magazines shall be accepted for dispatch only where subscriptions are specifically requested in writing by the addressee for which subscriptions are now in effect. Such copies shall be accepted only from publishers who shall place on the wrapper, or on a publication when a wrapper is not used, a certificate (which shall be sufficient to authorize their acceptance) reading as follows:

“Mailed in conformity with P. O. D. Order 19687.”

No circular matter of the third class should be presented for mailing to A. P. O.’s overseas as the War Department advises that it will not be dispatched from ports of embarkation. V-Mail will be transmitted, either when microfilmed or in its original form to all A. P. O’s overseas and transported by airplane where such facilities are available. Mail addressed for delivery to A. P. O.’s outside the continental United States shall embrace that which is addressed to A. P. O.’s in care Post-master New York. N. Y.; San Francisco, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; New Orleans, La.; Miami, Fla.; or Presque Isle, Maine.

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