New Telephone Book For Carroll

July 4, 1968

The new telephone directory for Carroll County will be issued soon. J. J. Schwartz, manager for the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company here, said that delivery of approximately 23,000 directories will begin Tuesday, July 9, and will be completed by July 16.

The new book will provide telephone users with almost 17,000 listings in white pages. And there will be approximately 175 pages of listings for local businesses and professional people in the Yellow Pages section.

Following the Telephone Company’s policy of illustrating directory covers with scenes from the local area, the new Carroll County book features a color photograph of the Spires of Frederick. Today’s traveler who approaches Frederick on Routes from the west, is sure to observe the many spires of this historic Maryland City. From a distance, the skyline is similar to the one visible to the Confederate forces under Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, who bivouacked in the Frederick area during September 1862.

The directory’s cover story notes that many of the same buildings are standing today. Their spires remain an enduring monument to Maryland’s rich and historic past.

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