New Well Blown at State Hospital

Louis P. Schultz, Sykesville’s expert well driller, has just completed his fourth well for Springfield State Hospital and Wednesday the well was blown and tested and is nearly ready to hook up with the others that supply the big institution with the purest water.

The well is 504 feet deep and most of the way the boring was through solid granite. It yields 86,400 gallons of water every twenty-four hours. The drill has been at work on the well since November. When the well was blown by air pressure and tested on Wednesday a photograph was taken showing the well in action and the apparatus with which it was drilled.

The bore is eight inches in diameter and much difficulty was experienced in getting through the hard rock. The dill apparatus is one of the heaviest and finest in this part of the country. The drill weighs seventeen hundred pounds.

The hospital now has four of these wells and they yield 150 gallons of water a minute. The water is forced from the wells with air and is stored in a nearby reservoir, from which it is pumped  to an immense standpipe, holding 200,000 gallons. From this standpipe it is piped to all parts of the institution. The system in considered one of the finest in the country. Mr. Schultz was congratulated on the successful completion of his difficult work. He has splendid equipment for this sort of work and is regarded as the most reliable well driller between Baltimore and Pittsburg. His establishment is a credit to Sykesville.

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