Noted Biblical Film To Be Shown Here Sunday Evening

April 18, 1968

A feature-length film, “The Gospel According to St. Matthew,” which has received high praise from critics in this county, will be shown at the Sykesville School on Sunday evening, April 21, at 7 o’clock. Directed by Italian Pier Paolo Pasolini, the production departs from the usual “religious” film in a number of ways. For example, it treats the gospel as gospel and shows exactly what happened, without added explanation or background, material.

The emphasis throughout the film is on the story to be told, and the background, costumes, etc., are simple; the actors and actresses unknowns.

The most striking difference is that, whereas previous films have concentrated on the Divine aspect of Christ, Pasolini shows Christ, the man, especially in terms of the interaction between Him and the people around Him.

And, as one movie critic who has called this “the most effective Biblical film of this generation,” says, “try as he does to show us the man, we cannot help but see God.”

The free showing of “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” has been arranged by Sykesville-Eldersburg Association as a service to the community.

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