Nurse Campaign is Lagging

September 5, 1918

Only Eight Girls from Carroll Have Offered Their Services

That was an eloquently pathetic appeal made by Miss Dorothy Elderice at the Lyceum on Monday night, in behalf of the campaign for the Student Nurse Reserve. It ought to find a ready response in the heart of every young woman who is qualified and is otherwise available for service. The government is desperately in need of nurses behind the battle lines.

It must have trained nurses and it must take them from the hospitals. It has called for 50,000 of these nurses by January 1. The girls asked to volunteer for the Student Nurse Reserve are designed to take the places of those who go up to the front, after a period of training in our best institutions and under pay. The pay is substantial.

The number of student nurses called for from Carroll County is twenty! Thus far only eight have responded. This is a pitiful showing.

Carroll County already has 1,000 men in uniform, hundreds of them at the front. Five have been killed and several wounded. Many of these men are volunteers. They went into the service before the draft. They are in all branches. Must it go on record that the girls of Carroll are less patriotic than the men? What is the trouble? Is it because the girls would rather enlist for service abroad than service at home? There would seem to be something wrong.

Of course the government can get the nurses for this service, preferably from volunteers, but by draft if necessary. If it can take a boy for the fighting front, it can take the girl for the hospital. Thus far one young woman from Sykesville has offered herself for this service. She is Miss Nellie Lenora Stevens. Her name goes into the Honor Roll. Will there be others?

Those who desire complete information may write Miss Elderice or Mrs. Charles O. Clemson, at Westminster.

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