Petty Robberies In Sykesville

April 18, 1929

During The Past Two Weeks Stores Have Been Entered And Money Stolen

During the past two weeks several of the stores in Sykesville have been entered and a small amount of cash taken.

Last Thursday the garage of “Buck” Bennett was entered from a side window, and out of over $4 in change and $1.35 was taken. At the Farm & Home Supply Company a small amount of money, mostly pennies, was lifted from the cash box. At the Henry R. DeVries store, for several Monday mornings, when the place was opened for business, a double door on these mornings was found to be pushed open opposite the way it was shut on Saturday night.

Sunday morning about 8 o’clock, Mr. F. M. Barnes noticed a movement in the store of R. E. Day’s Meat Market, and looking closer, found a youngster about 10 or 12 years old, crouched behind the door. He was hastily ordered out and said he did not take anything. This youngster can be seen on the streets at any time of night, and is setting a very bad example for other boys. It is said that he will be compelled to go to school, after examination by the proper authorities.

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