Phew! Sykesville Has, Of All Things, A Polecat Problem

November 15, 1945

Among other things, Sykesville is faced with a polecat problem.

There’s no doubt about it, as anyone with a nose to smell can tell you, the skunks are disturbing the atmosphere of the town.

Moreover, the black and white furry creatures, which seem to be unusually plentiful this season, are quite bold about it all. They give the impression that it’s nothing to get excited about if one of them ventures out along a street or sidewalk in the town.

Reports to this effect, coming to our desk lately, have been confirmed by the Herald, so this is no inauthentic skunk story. We had the experience one evening last week of encountering one of the unwelcome visitors walking nonchalantly along a curb in the business district. The critter proved friendly (at least, not hostile) perhaps because we didn’t argue about his right to the occupied zone. Quietly, in a diplomatic retreat, we gave him the wide side of the street.

No Casualties–Yet

To date, however, no casualties, necessitating burying of clothes or other de-odorizing measures, have been  reported by residents, although presence of the enemy in some areas has been unmistakable. A good example of what we mean occurred last Thursday evening when the Herald force was busy printing the weekly edition of the paper. We didn’t mind the smoke from the Sykes Theatre fire which at one time got quite heavy in our pressroom, but when an aggravated polecat got the general range of the Arcades Building–whew, we almost had to abandon ship.

How to deal with the polecat problem is a relatively small but rather smelly issue that must be dealt with promptly by the Mayor and Council if the town officials are to tackle the more important post-war building problems with a clear head and nostrils, and if people are to again walk our streets after dark without a certain uneasiness. Then, too, there is the case of inoffensive house cats who should be free to venture outside without the danger of being mistaken for skunks.

Anyone versed in the art of liquidating skunks, whether by trapping or otherwise, probably could strike a deal of some sort right now with the town of Sykesville. One man, however, who definitely is not interested is Mr. Curt Thomas, whose trapping efforts recently had unhappy repercussions.

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