Piney Run Water Project Gets Sub-Committee O.K.

August 14, 1969

The House Public Works Sub-Committee on Watershed Development has approved construction of the Play Run Watershed project in Carroll County, Congressman J. Glenn Beall reported on Thursday, August 7.

Congressman Beall, who filed testimony before Committee on behalf of the project, pointed out that “this project is truly a worth while one for the people of Carroll County.

“It will go far in solving the problems of floodwater damages to roads, bridges, residence, industrial and commercial enterprises; of sediment damage to the Baltimore Harbor and erosion in areas undergoing development.

“Furthermore, the development of the community will be assisted by the expanded water supply allowing for hauling, camping, swimming, fishing, and other recreation.”

“This project is well on it’s way to final approval,” the Congressman stated, “and will now be brought before the House Appropriations Committee.”

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