Plan Carnival For 800 Patients

October 5, 1950

Grey Ladies Sponsoring Affair At Springfield October 10

Tuesday afternoon, October 10th, will be a gala occasion at the Springfield State Hospital when the Gray Lady Service, Mrs. J. J. Miller, chairman, Baltimore Chapter, American Red Cross, will sponsor a Carnival for 800 patients. They will be assisted by the Gray Ladies of the Carroll County Chapter, Westminster, Mrs. Ruskin B. Warner, chairman, who have been giving weekly service to the patients for more than three years. As this is the largest patient entertainment project ever attempted by the Red Cross, and as a tribute to Miss Ann Reifenider, former Executive Director of the Carroll County Chapter, and newly appointed Coordinator, of Volunteer Activities of the Hospital, Gray Ladies from Frederick and Hanover Chapters will attend the festival.

There will be fun for all in the form of horseback riding, clowns, strolling accordionists, balloon blowing contest, dancing contest and an honest-to-goodness fortune teller.

There will be typical Carnival refreshments – peanuts, popcorn, all-day suckers, soft drinks and popsickles furnished by the Canteen Service.

The event will be held on the picnic grounds near the Men’s Group where decorate booths for paddle wheel and pennytoss games will be erected, and a detailed donkey will be furnished with standard equipment.

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