Political Suicide

December 31, 1914

Linthicum, by Vote Against Prohibition, Eliminates Himself

Laurel Democrat: We are sorry to see that Mr. Linthicum has eliminated himself from the Governorship of the State by his vote on the Prohibition amendment in Congress, or rather by the speech made by him Tuesday. We always admired Linthicum and thought very seriously of supporting his candidacy, but the Congressman fails to recognize the fact that the Democratic party must separate itself from the rum forces if it hopes for any continued hold upon the people of this and other States. We did not hope for much from Representatives Coady and Talbott, for their strength in politics lies in their alliance with the liquor elements. All they got and all they hope for comes from the “rummies” and they must be loyal to their allies. With Price and Linthicum the conditions are different. They were not under obligations to the liquor interests and are individually responsible for their acts. We are sorry for Linthicum. We commend the stand of Messrs. Lewis and Smith, the only two true Democrats in the Maryland delegation; Democrats because they believe the people should be permitted to have a voice in passing upon the laws to govern them.

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