Prisoners ‘Well Screened,’ Camp Official Claims

January 4, 1968 – Carroll County Times

Excerpt from Carroll County Times –

Assign ‘Almost Anybody’  To Sykesville Laundry

As the Carroll County Grand Jury prepared to investigate the numerous escapes from the Central Correctional Laundry Camp at Sykesville, an official of the State Correctional Camp system indicated that prisoners detailed to such minimum security institutions are so well screened before being transferred from the Penitentiary and the House of Correction that only one in about 25 is rejected by the Camp System.

But– “We can assign almost anybody there” (to the Sykesville Laundry Camp), according to Charles Fuller Purvis, assistant director of the Camp System in charge of inmate operations. “They’re not out with the public.”

In 1967, 80 of the 521 prisoners assigned to the Sykesville  Laundry Camp got (briefly) out with the public by “walking away” from its custody. That was almost triple the number that escaped from the Laundry in 1967, and more than escaped from any one of the four other State prison camps last year.

End of Excerpt –

People mentioned include: Mayor of Sykesville, H. C. Jefferson

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Synopsis: Prisoners escaping at high rates from the correctional prison laundry facility in Sykesville.

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