PSC Hearing In Local Telephone Case April 6

March 17, 1960

Are local residents satisfied with the Telephone Company’s plan, which went into effect February 20, setting up a new exchange, Glenwood, for Howard County subscribers in the Sykesville area?

A hearing, granted Louis A. Scholz, Sykesville attorney, who protests the manner in which the local calling area has been split, is to be held April 6th at 11 A.M., in the offices of the Public Service  Commission, 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore.

The telephone Company stated that it feels the changes (Glenwood-Sykesville split) are in the best interest of an overwhelming majority of the public and that the complaint is without real merit and should be dismissed. The company reported that very few patrons have registered objection to the new plan.

Mr. Scholz, who favored a North-South rather than East-West division of the local exchange, said the Telephone Company position “ignores the whole point of an expressed desire by residents of the Sykesville area to have wider calling privileges.” He voiced the belief that toll-free Baltimore calls, for either Sykesville or Glenwood exchange patrons, would be unlikely in the foreseeable future, under the Telephone Company’s plan.

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