Purchase Land For Canning Plant

January 18, 1917

B. F. Schriver & Company to Erect Buildings Immediately at Athletic Grounds

Will spend over $40,000 Here

Company Propose to Have a Modern Sanitary and Up-to-Date Factory — Will Eventually Can Many Varieties of Vegetables and Fruits —  Now Contracting For a Supply of Sweet Corn

One of the most important real estate deals that has been pulled off here, took place on Wednesday, when the B. F. Schriver & Company of Westminster, and one of the largest canning concerns in this State, purchased of Senator Wade H. D. Warfield a tract of land known as the Athletic Grounds, situated in the corporate limits and opposite the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on the Howard County side of the town. The purchase price was $5000.

The B. F. Schriver & Company propose to erect on the site immediately a modern sanitary and up-to-date cannery, the cost of which would be in the neighborhood of $40,000. As soon as the factory is ready for operation, which will be in good time for the regular canning season this Summer, sweet corn will be the only vegetable canned.

Later, however, peas, tomatoes and other vegetables will be canned. At present the company has contracts with the farmers in the vicinity for over 300 acres of corn, which will be increased as fast as possible, until they have 1000 acres under contract.

The site purchased is an ideal one, and the B. F. Schriver & Company were indeed fortunate in succeeding in getting such a fine location for their business in this locality. Being directly on the State Road will also be another important factor for both the company and the farmer.

Sykesville should benefit materially by the establishment of this new industry and the announcement meets with favor among the business men of the place. With the ore mines again in operation and eventually the canning factory, it is hoped that this is only a beginning for a bigger, better and busier town. Several good sites can still be had for manufacturing purposes and a woolen or cotton mill, machine shop, paper mill, or foundry would be a great addition to Sykesville’s resources. These different lines of business were at one time located in this locality, so why not now?

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