Rain Hurt Carnival In 1938, Too

June 29, 1972

“Members of the Sykesville Volunteer Fire Company are beginning to think there is something to the saying: ‘For if it rains on St. Swithins Day it will rain for forty days’” according to the July 29 issue of  The Herald, 1938. “For while it didn’t rain for forty days, it did rain for six consecutive nights,” says the article, “and that was quite sufficient.”

The incessant rain this year confronted the carnival committee with a new problem. Out of the five previous carnivals only one night it is recalled, drew rain, and that was a thunderstorm. It is rare indeed to draw a whole week of rain in July.

“During all former years, a major problem of the carnival committee was dust. But this year, alas, it was the opposite extreme. Continued showers had a way of making nasty mud puddles, and remedying these was a nightly job.

“For the fact that they escaped going into the hole, the local volunteers are thankful, and are not complaining about their otherwise though luck. It means merely that they will probably have to mark time for another year on that proposed new firemen’s building.”

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