Ration Book 2 Is Due Soon

February 11, 1943

Schools to Handle Registration As Before–Must Show Book 1

Ration “Sacrifices”

“Don’t chafe under increased rationing restrictions. If you have ever visited the Sick Bay (Navy term for hospital) and seen fellows horribly burned; if you’ve seen them armless and legless; if you’ve walked the decks of a bombed aircraft carrier and helped to piece together the torn bodies of men who were your friends, you’ll never grumble over a little thing like being unable to get all of the coffee or sugar or steaks that you want.” – Navy Chaplain K. B. Justus

O. C. Reynolds, Jr., Executive Secretary, of the Local Rationing Board, has received the following information with regard to the issuance of War Ration Book No. 2.

The list of canned and processed foods to be rationed includes about 51 different canned and bottled fruits and fruit juices, 18 canned and bottled vegetables and vegetable juices, all canned soups, dried fruits, frozen fruits and frozen vegetables. Home canned fruits and vegetables of any different type are not rationed.

Schools of Carroll County will handle the registration and issuing of the book. School sites will be announced at a later date. The exact time and dates will be given in the newspapers so watch and read this paper. Everyone holding the War Book No. 1 will be eligible for Book No. 2 and no book No. 2′s will be given without the book No. 1. It will not be necessary for every individual to go to the school site to receive this book. Anyone in your family unit or neighbors can get the book No. 2 providing they have your Book No. 1.

The Local Rationing Board on Liberty and Green Streets in Westminster will not issue these books while the schools are registering people. However, for a short period after the registration the board will issue books to those individuals who, upon satisfactory evidence presented to the board, found it physically impossible to get their book at the school. Ever member of a family unit will be allowed five cans of the frozen commodities and every can over this amount will be taken off of the book No. 2. The tentative dates for the registration of this book will be about form February 20th to 28th. This information is for your convenience only and does not in any respect constitute actual dates or commodities. Everything herein is subject to change.

Ration Books For New Babies

Mothers of newly-born babies are advised by O. C. Reynolds, Jr., Executive Secretary of the Local Rationing Board, to make application for War Ration Book No. 1 within 30 days after the child is born. It is imperative that this be done within this time so as not to cause any unnecessary delay in the issuing of this book. This rule also applies to people coming out of hospitals, asylums and institutions who have never received War Book No. 1. Application must be made within 30 days from the departure from such places. The necessary information may be obtained by writing to the Board or sending someone. War Ration Book No. 1 is the sugar and salts book.

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