Ready for Call to Active Duty

August 29, 1918

Chaplain Leyfield, of U. S. Navy, Awaits Assignment and His Commission

Rev. Claude Leyfield, of Baltimore, who was recently named as a Chaplain in the U. S. Navy, is not awaiting his commission and assignment to duty. In the meantime he will continue to hold service at his local church, at Homestead.

Mr. and Mrs. Leyfield moved their furniture this week to the home of Mrs. Leyfield’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris, where Mrs. Leyfield will remain while her husband is abroad. If assigned to a Naval Station she will accompany him. The congregation of Homestead Church were loath to part with Mr. and Mrs. Leyfield. They have presented the Chaplain with a handsome solid gold wrist watch and Mrs. Leyfield with a handsome silver bag. The young couple were very popular in Baltimore Church circles and all will look forward with interest to the time when the Chaplain will again take up his work in the Conference. It is hoped by his old parishioners here that he may be heard in St. Paul’s again before ordered for active duty aboard ship.

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