School Authorities Favor More State Aid To Meet Mounting Costs

January 12, 1961

“It is important that there be increased understanding on the part of the public that school costs are necessary if our society and way of life are to be preserved. It is also important to note that during a time of increasing costs and new demands for services, the total cost of educational services will rise.”

So begins a statement issued by the office of the Board of Education, following the release of information on the Carroll County budget and tax rate for 1961.

The statement by county school authorities, regarding school operations in general and the effect of budget decisions on school operations, continues:

“Costs of education are paid jointly from county tax sources and from the state treasury. The present legal structure results in approximately 1/ the costs coming from local sources and 1/2 from state sources.

“Present state aid is paid on the established state minimum salary scale of $3,200 to $5,300 for degree teachers, the first figure representing the first year of experience and the last being the salary paid in the eleventh year of experience and beyond.

“School authorities favor a new legislative proposal sponsored by the Maryland State Teachers Association and the Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers.

This proposal would increase the minimum and maximum salary to a $4,000 to $6,000 base.

The effect of the passage of this legislation would be relief to county financing problems, permitting the establishment of improved salary bases over the existing county scale of $4,000 to $6,100.

“Local Parent-Teacher Associations, are presently working in a petition campaign directed at the Governor and local legislators, and designed to convince them of the need for teacher salary improvement and greater state support for education.

“The school budget for 1961, as approved by the Carroll County Commissioners, permits the continued use of a local salary scale of $4,100 to $6,100 with continued recognition of advanced graduate preparation. It permits the continued use of a local salary scale of $4,000 to $6,100 with continual recognition of advanced graduate preparation. It permits the support of other costs such as textbooks, materials, special teachers, custodial service, operational costs, maintenance service, transportation and other costs on approximately the same level of support as that afforded in 1960. It also permits continued progress in the building of needed school facilities. It will be necessary to continue to emphasize economy in expenditures related to the categories mentioned.

“It should be noted that expansion or further improvement of school service would result in increased costs. Only two sources exist for the support of these increased costs, namely: local real estate taxes and state sources.

There is much feeling at present that local real estate is now bearing too great a percentage of the responsibility for needed school costs and services. Hence, the effort of school authorities to achieve a plan whereby the state treasury would share more generosity is providing educational service. The state has many sources of revenue, viz: sales tax and others not available to local authorities.”

Next week” Statistical study and comparison of Carroll County schools.

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